Troys of Fowey

You are a maid at Fowey Hall in 1929.

Your boss, Sir Charles Hanson, has quit his job as Lord Mayor of London and is back home to get out on the water more as he’s a yachtsman.

So much so, he starts his own sailing class – soon to be called, The Troys.  

He appoints local boatbuilding legend Archie Watty, a friend of your family, to design the boat. 

Archie hides in his shed, sawing and swearing through the winter of 1928/29. 

In spring he unveils an 18ft 3/4inch keelboat, with 30ft masts and nearly 300sp ft of sail to swallow the wind.       

Meanwhile, you and Jocelyn, trade ‘Troy Town’ novels, written in and about Fowey by resident author Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch.

Stuck for a name for this new class of boat, Jocelyn suggests the books you got her into in exchange for her hand-me-down blouses.  

Charles plies Arthur with a bottle of the hard stuff one night, Charles gives his consent and the Troy Owners Class Association is born, to be built here and only here, in Fowey. 

In return, Charles names the boat after Jocelyn and more wealthy men order boats and name them after girls.

You miss out, but hint at a new idea that becomes a tradition – to give the boats the names of gemstone – you’ve always had a thing for amethyst and polish pebbles on your day off.     

You join a crew and race until you reach great grandparenthood and the back goes one day in a force 6. 

Marcus Lewis picks up building Troys where Archie Watty left off, and your great grandkids become the future stars of this ultra-local sport.