Lugger Racing

Imagine you have cheeks with the puff of Dizzy Gillespie and it’s 1890-ish.

The Fowey Regatta is in full swing and you’re playing your trumpet in the committee boat with the rest of Fowey brass band.

The sea is frisky due to the wind is blowing a hoolie (just like you), and the Lugger Race is up next.

Just so you know, a lugger is a fishing boat with a square sail, which has to be whipped down, spun round and re-hoisted to change direction.

Not that this bothers the 6 crews doing battle over 3 rounds, across a triangular course.

Lorna and Glory are off like the clappers and take turns to lead the pack, with you and the band belting out some mighty tunes in the high seas.

Deep into the final round there is ‘wild cheering, yells, roars, hat-flying, hands and arms waving’ as Lorna of Mevagissey beats Glory of Looe by a short breath.  

As you toot out the fanfare, local legend Arthur Quiller-Couch, steps up to present the cup to the skipper of Lorna, and a brass barometer to the runners up, the Pengelly clan. 

You then strut away with a dancing bear, bet on the slow donkey race and hold your own in a pillow fight on the greasy pole off the end of the quay as the regatta unravels.