Corin and Gogmagog

Cornish Wrestling is older than the hills and now we'll tell you why.

It's ancient times in Britain and you're a giant.

But you're not alone in your size 37 sandals.

Everyone is as tall as a tree.

The day consists of chewing livestock and fighting your neighbours in oversized underwear.

One such neighbour is Gogmagog.

He rules the land like a modern day despot and makes day to day life a real drag, until one day Corin arrives with Brutus, fresh from escaping the siege of Troy.

Corin is not one for oppression. 

He steps up and says to Gogmagog, 'you and me, now, out on the cliffs, no weapons, just our bare hands'.

You're one of the mob who gather around the wrestling ring, a lawn 700ft above the crashing waves.

The bout begins.    

First blood to Gogmagog as he bear hugs Corin, breaking half of his ribs.

Corin may be ankle high to a giant, but he is no mortal.

With the strength of 1000 men, he lunges and hoists Gogmagog off the ground, hurling him over the cliffs and into the sea, as you all cheer "CORIN!" 

As the giant's body sinks the ocean floor, a rocky horn-shaped land erupts into view from the sea bed.

Brutus names this land 'Cornwall' after the hero himself and hands him the keys as reward for his epic victory.