Working Boats

Sailing - Activity 4


the oyster film

the interview with oysterman Tim Vinnicombe 


Discuss the actions that the oystermen do - such as lifting buckets, throwing their dredge, hauling in the dredge.

Watch the Oyster Dredging Dance and learn it by following Movement by Movement and Dance with Commentary.

Work alongside pupils and practice it as a group unison phrase.

Ask the children to work in pairs and to come up with a series of 4 movements to show lifting heavy buckets, throwing a dredge, hauling in and pulling a rope.

Once they have come up with their initial 4 movements, ask them to make sure that each of the movements combines one of the following -  a turn / a roll / a change level / a jump.

Practice and perfect this sequence into a unison duet.

To develop further you might;  teach the group 3 simple counterbalances and get the children to add in each of the lifts / counterbalances into their unison phrase.  

We have also included the music from Sally's dance - Tane an Gove by Dalla for you to use if you'd like.