What is a Gig?

Rowing - Activity 1

Without giving the class any preparation or background information watch Rowing Out.

Explore what ideas pupils can come up with to explain what they are watching

Find out how much is already known about rowing and gigs.

Use the Rowing stories and other sources to research the world of Cornish rowing (including 18 foot flashboats and 15 foot skiffs as well as Pilot Gigs).

Ask pupils to form groups of 7.

Ask pupils to imagine that they are a gig crew about to start training for a race.

Ask pupils to work out where each person might sit and arrange their group in a ‘boat’ (on the floor or seats), mark it out if required.

Use the Gig Positions diagram to help each group arrange themselves in rowing formation. 

Teach the names ‘bow’ and ‘stern’ for the ‘front-end’ and ‘back-end’ of the boat. 

The ‘coxswain’ sits in the stern and faces forwards. All rowers face the coxswain (ie they face backwards!).

Each seat is numbered from 1 – 6, from 1 in the bow back to 6 near the stern.