Surfing through Time

Surfing - Activity 2

Show the class the images and spend a little while discussing the pictures and seeing whether pupils can predict the significance of the people or events depicted.

Display the lyrics to the first verse of ‘Heart & Soul’.

Investigate the rhyme scheme and, even more importantly, the rhythm.

Ask pupils to notice any rhyming words.

Clap out the rhythm of the words.

Move on to the second verse and explore which of the features from the first verse are still true. 

Working together as a class create a new verse for Ryan Jones’ song – take the content of one of the surfing stories as inspiration.

Distribute copies of Rosie Mansfield’s ‘The Feeling’ and ask pairs of pupils to pick out powerful vocabulary from it.

Then challenge them to use this vocabulary to create another new verse bringing the ‘Heart and Soul’ song right up to date.

Sing your new verses along to the backing track without vocals.

The score and lyrics have also been provided.