Sailing for Gold

Sailing - Activity 5

Read the Sailing for Gold story and watch Ben Ainslie in ‘Finn Pumping

Display a selection of sailing terms – eg  tack, gybe, port, starboard, mainsail, spinnaker, pumping.

Discuss with the children what all of these terms mean and try a few movement ideas out as a group for each of the words.

Come up with a ‘dance definition’ for each  eg ‘Gybe’ - a clockwise turning movement,  ‘Starboard’ (a low movement to the right), ‘Mainsail’ (a big movement which makes you travel), ‘Tack’ (a zig-zag movement)... Allow pupils to invent their own version of each movement.

Decide on an order for the 6 terms, and write them down on the whiteboard or paper.

Then use this as a recipe for making a solo sailing dance - or do this in pairs.  

Allow 3 - 5 minutes for pupils to do this task.  

Get the children back into the three groups (Fal, Truro and Tresillian).

Ask each group to perform their solos to the other two groups.

Encourage constructive feedback and ‘magpie’ (pinch!) any particularly good ideas.

For a whole lesson task ask each group member to teach two of their movements to the others in their group and build up to a total of 6 or 8 movements that can be performed in unison.