The Race

Rowing - Activity 5

Explain that the winning team will be the one that works together best as a single unit.

Develop pupils’ teamwork skills through ‘Mirror work’.

Ask pairs of pupils to stand opposite each other as if looking in a mirror.

Pupil ‘A’ makes large slow movements for B to follow as accurately as possible. 

Can an outside-eye tell who is leading? Swap over the leader, then try with no leader both following each other.

Repeat the mirror exercise but in your teams of 7. 

Get into a circle with everyone looking at the space between the two people opposite.

By watching just the people opposite and using their peripheral vision, the aim is for everyone to copy the physical movements of the leader.

Now try this exercise again with no leaders.

Can an outside-eye tell who is leading?

Line up your crews in their imaginary gigs so that the rowers are facing the screen.

Watch Race from Nut Rock.

Choose the winning team based on mime accuracy and working together.

Celebrate by raising oars and prize giving!