An Oyster's Life

Sailing - Activity 2


Get hold of some real oyster shells. Try a seafood restaurant or fish shop or look for them on-line by searching ‘native oysters’. 

Show the oyster images and pass around the oyster shells and ask the children to feel them.  

Think about words to describe the shells (the textures will vary with the type of oyster) - round, flat, smooth, rough, spiky, textured.  

Lead the children in exploring the texture words such as ‘round’ or ‘curved’ through movement.  

Try creating smooth movements and curved movement, and then try the opposite and explore making spiky, rough or staccato movements.

Encourage the children to change level and use different body parts (ie not just using the hands - try a smooth, curved movement with the right knee and then a spiky movement leading with the shoulder).

Think about adding in a jump or a turn.

To develop this - ask the children to choose 4 of their oyster texture movements.  Link the 4 movements together.  Practice and perform!