Hall of Fame

Rugby - Activity 2

Read the Cornwall’s Olympic Silver story together.

Distribute pictures from the Redruth RFC ‘Hall of Fame’ and discuss the characters portrayed.

Distribute the texts from the ‘Hall of Fame’ and match with the pictures.

Decide what features make a good ‘Sporting Biography’.

Listen to the recording of Alan Kent’s ‘Canto 2’.

[WARNING; the recording does contain the word ‘bugger’, amended to ‘lugger’ in the written text]

Distribute copies of the text and listen a second time, following the written words.

Many of the Cornish dialect words in this Canto are to do with mining, add them to your collection.

Ask pairs to write a Sporting Biography of each other.
It is now the year 2052.

Imagine your friend as an older person looking back over a lifetime of sporting achievement.

Which sport did they excel at, what competitions did they win, what was the most amazing incident in their career?

Have fun making up dates and events.

Create a class ‘Hall of Fame’ complete with portraits.