The Cribbar

Surfing - Activity 5

Listen to Dalla’s track ‘Cribbar and read Alan Kent’s words.

What pictures do the music and words create in pupils minds?

Read the Cribbar story and watch Ben Skinner surfing the Cribbar 

Listen to Dalla’s Cribbar once again; the rhythm here is a Kabm Pemp or ‘five-step’.

This time signature is often quite a challenge but worth mastering! Begin by clapping a regular pulse and counting ONE-two-three-ONE-two/ONE-two-three-ONE-two/ ONE-two-three-ONE-two/ (ie emphasizing the ONE and the FOUR in each bar).

Using lighter percussion instruments, see whether pupils can keep this pulse steady whilst emphasizing the ONE and the FOUR.

Choose a deeper drum and a confident performer to play the first ONE of every bar.

A second person can add the FOUR. Practice starting softly and building the volume (but not speeding up!).

Now add the elements from your ‘Briny Blue’ piece, gradually building the volume until you have a 30 foot wave crashing through the room.

How will you find an ending for your piece, will the waves gradually subside again or will it finish with a wipeout?