Corin and Gogmagog

Wrestling - Activity 1

Watch Mark Jenkin’s film about Cornish Wrestling and find out how much pupils might already know about Cornish Wrestling.

Read the Corin and Gogmagog story.

Make a class storyboard of the Corin story by working in pairs on small whiteboards and collecting in ideas to create the whole-class final version.

Following the pictures, play story-tag in pairs or groups to become familiar with the plot.

In each picture identify opportunities for Actions, Facial Expression and Voice.

Practice these elements.

Create a written version of the story by dividing up the writing task between groups.

Watch ‘Brevita’s Feast’ as inspiration for telling story through film.

Divide up the story’s text between the class, perhaps holding ‘Giant auditions’ etc.

Choose a suitable background and set up your camera on a tripod in a locked-off position - don’t move it.

Shoot each pupil delivering their line or phrase separately.

It will then be a very simple job to edit the phrases back together to make a completed story.