Carrick Roads

Sailing - Activity 3


Display a map of Carrick Roads

Discuss the shapes of the tributaries and harbour and find some good vocabulary eg wiggles, spikey, curved, finger-like.

Lead the group in making up their own movements inspired by the shapes on the map- try walking on smooth, curved pathways in and out of each other, or wiggly or spiky pathways.

Get into one big circle and set off a canon of movement (like a mexican wave). 

Encourage the children to come up with other movements which they could use to pass down the line (e.g. a hand gesture for a fish darting under a rock, jumping into a starfish shape) 

Split into 3 groups (name each group after rivers on the map - e.g. Truro, Tresillian and Fal)

In the 3 groups, give each child a number 1 - 10.  

Child number 1 runs out into space and creates a “spikey”/”curved” shape.  

One child at a time joins the growing picture creating a shape which connects onto, over, under or around the previous child.  

Each person joins the group until there is a large group shape which is all inter-connected.  

Try the task using the different words to bring out different shapes and qualities in movement - spikey, wiggly, curved.  

Encourage lots of different levels.  

Encourage the children to find an interesting way to get into the shape (e.g. move like swirling water) and out of the shape (float like driftwood)