Briny Blue

Surfing - Activity 4

Ryan Jones obviously likes the words ‘Briny Blue’, he uses them in the chorus of Pip’s song and again here as the title of a song!

Discuss the meaning of those word. 

Listen to the song Briny Blue.

Point out that this song is once again in the first person, but ask pupils from whose point of view it is.

Ryan Jones imagines the sea as a huge and scary creature threatening to drown the puny human surfers!

Working with pencil crayons, acrylic paint and/or photoshop, ask pupils to come up with visual representations of the sea as a huge, powerful, living creature. 

Lay out a range of percussion instruments and explore which instruments are effective in creating ‘sea sounds’.

Allow small groups to work independently creating a piece of ‘Briny Blue’ music that must have a beginning, a middle and an end.

Ask groups to share their work and encourage constructive feedback.

Choose ways of putting these various pieces of sea music together to make a whole class ‘Briny Blue’ piece.