Ball of Words

Rugby - Activity 3

Listen to the recording of Alan Kent’s ‘Canto 3’.

Distribute copies of the text and listen a second time, following the written words.

Enjoy chanting the lines...

of grab, grasp, grope, gake, pull, pluck, pick, pinch and snatch,

of wrench, wrest, whack, war, pull, pick, pook and catch. 

Try sharing the words between pairs and groups in different combinations. Learn the sequence.

Play ‘Rugby Poetry’ by throwing a ball between group members and delivering the next word in the sequence.

Create a new whole class Rugby Poem by scattering the words across the whiteboard and adding linking phrases between them.

Don’t worry about rhyme but keep chanting aloud to keep a sense of rhythm.

Devise, rehearse and perform your own Rugby Poem.