Ann Glanville

Rowing - Activity 4

Look at the picture of Ann Glanville
Challenge pupils to have a guess at who the lady might be.
Are there any clues?
Look at her hands!
Read the Ann Glanvile story.
Tell the crews that Ann Glanville is coming to challenge them to a rowing race; men, women, children, everyone!
What preparation does each gig crew think will be necessary?
Ask them do draw up a list of tasks to get their gig in tip-top condition.
What training regime are they going to put in place?
What extraordinary loads will they practice rowing  with to outdo Ann Glanville’s feats?
Give the groups plenty of time to prepare and train both on and off the (imaginary) water.
Decide what the prize money will be for the race.
Decide on the odds for each boat and encourage appropriate betting on each crew (smarties/small sweets?).