Ancient Cornish Sport

Wrestling - Activity 2

Read The Cornish Hugg.

Ask groups to each invent their own ‘ancient Cornish Sport’. 

For example, ‘Krugby’, a cross between cricket and rugby, in which the batting team can rugby-tackle the fielders was invented on one school camp and is now being passed on to future generations!

Provide an array of unlikely ‘sporting equipment’ (eg rolled up newspapers, masking tape, plastic containers, broom handles, soft toys … etc)

Begin by asking each group  to decide what equipment is needed for their sport ( perhaps including ‘sportswear’/’protective equipment’). 

Allow plenty of play-time with the equipment for the sport’s rules to evolve.

Once the game has been invented, get each group to teach another group how to play their sport.

Challenge each group to use their experience of teaching the sport to create the definitive text book complete with illustrations.