About us

Kernocopia is Cornwall’s official submission to the Cultural Olympiad, but being Cornish, it’s offbeat.

It’s a glorious mash-up of Cornwall’s sporting, cultural, arts & heritage communities to mark & toast the 2012 London Olympics. It’s the first time anyone has ever thrown all these cultural forms together with a singular dream – to grace the world stage with Cornish sporting treasures.

The project’s flesh & blood is a vault of 25 Cornish sporting stories. We commissioned a stellar team of artists to find these epic & idiosyncratic stories & bring them to life using dance, film, song, poetry & theatre. These stories grew into the ‘I was there’ moments that you can crawl into here.

Kernocopia culminates in a  theatrical pop-up performance that you can soak up at venues across the South West during the summer of 2012. Thousands of you will be treated to this live experiment that cross-pollinates the likes of wrestling, rugby, surfing, sailing and rowing with film, song, dance, poetry & theatre.

Kernocopia also hosts a schools programme to help young people learn about their sporting heritage through mould-breaking lessons; sport-themed activity kits to pump adrenaline into museums; and a website rammed with information on the sporting bloodline of Cornwall. There’s even a place for you to add your own sporting story & help to create a new live archive for the world to see & applaud.

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